Author prof.univ. DUMITRU DOBRESCU, M.D., Pharm.B., member corr.of Romanian Academy, full member of Academy of Medical Sciences of Romania.


A premiere in science and in international medical and homeopathic literature.

Homeopathy,past and present.

Homeopathy was introduced in medical practice by the german physician Samuel Hahnemann,200 years ago,as a therapeutic method,grounded on the natural law of similitude (“similia similibus curentur”) and on infinitesimal doses.Since,Homeopathy obtained very good results for people health, applying unalterably the principles established by Hahnemann,in spite of the fact of non assimilation of modern medical achievements. That is why Homeopathy place himself isolated of the universitary and academic medium and there was no discutions if it could be considered as a branche of science.To go out of the isolation there is only a way,agreement and assimilation of the progresses of the modern medicine. In the same time,the instrument of the homeopathic method,the homeopathic medicine, selected only on the ground of initial Hahnemann’s concepts, is officially recognized by European Union ,via European Medicine Agency (EMEA),and by sanitary authorities of many countries,which elaborated quality norms for homeopathic medicines and norms for their good manufacturing practice.In many countries there are modern factories for homeopathic medicines,which apply the most advanced technics of pharmaceutic industry. Speeking of homeopathic medicine,majority of the pharmacologists refuse to accept it,because of non obedience to the laws of allopat medicine.They omit and can’not accept the fact that just by this nonconformity,the homeopathic medicine represents a distinct part of the nature,which is worth knowing ,because it offer samething that cannot be obtained by allopat medicine. Although always was and still is disputed,the homeopathic medicine is current utilized ,by many people,because without it the homeopathic practice couldn’t exist. Concerning the homeopathic literature,in mary countries in Europe ,in the two Americs,in Asia were published numerous books of practice and clinical homeopathy.Although it seems strange,still doesn’t exist,in any country,a HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACOLOGY, a book which constitute the scientific bases of the homeopathic medicine.As I know,this is a premiere in science and the first Homeopathic Pharmacology in the international literature.

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English translation will be performed in 2007

“General Homeopathic Pharmacology”

The book we conceived is a nonconventional one.Taking into account the them’s specific features,we considered timely to have,before the part for Homeopathic Pharmacology, a special section,named “introductive chapters”,having the destination to prepare an apprehended ground ,for a good understanding of the subjects. The book contains all the important knowledges of Homeopathy,which make up an invaluable treasure of theoretical and practical ideas .Nevertheless ,the book is completely distinct of all that which was written till now,in the homeopathic field. Differences consist of two aspects: a)The way to conceive the homeopathic drug ; b)The modernization of the Homeopathy,in accordance with our original concepts.

The book contains five premieres:

1. There is the first book of HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACOLOGY in the world. That is why the book structure was o major concern .In the choice of the structure I kept into account that the most interested for its knowledge are the physicians and the pharmacists trained in the universities and that they know the allopath medicine.Many of them are indifferents or opponents of homeopathic medicine.Therefore,I considered to be legitimate to keep the structure of classical Pharmacology (allopathic).More over,in each chapter,I reserved a prime part,in summary,destinated to the specific features of the allopathic medicine and I developed ,so much is necessary,the part destinated to the homeopathic medicine.In this way will be highlighted both the resemblances and the differences between the two sorts of medicines. At the same time will be found arguments that the medicine is a single one ,but it has two existence forms,which don’t exclude but complete each other .

2. In the book I prove that Pharmacology , the science of medicine , is a single one , whith two branches,Allopathic Pharmacology and Homeopathic Pharmacology.The existence of the two branches is an expression of the universal law “unity in variety”. These branches contain the common knowledges of the concept of medicine and the defining features the any one.

3. I prove that Homeopathy, known as “therapeutic method”,is a complex branch of science .In reality, the therapeutic method is HOMEOTHERAPY , correctly HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACOTHERAPY , a branch of HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACOLOGY .To employ this therapy it must be completed with other five branches of Homeopatic Pharmacology, mainly with Pharmacotoxicology and Pharmacodynamics, but also with Pharmacography and less with Pharmacokynetics and Pharmacoepidemiology. In the book, I bring , for the first time , in the international medical and homeopathic literature , two proposals , which represent the introduction of concepts of the modern medical sciences , in the classical homeopathic thinking . This is an original contribution to the Homeopathy modernization . I hope that these proposals will be accepted as a second hypostasis or face of Homeopathy , with the same value as the classical .

4. It is well known that Hahnemann elaborated the fundamental law of Homeopathy , law of similitude, (“similia similibus curentur” that is “likes are cured by likes”) on the ground of clinical observations and of the descriptions from the subjects of proving. All the informative material was only qualitative and the presentation was at the whole organism scale . For this reason I name his law “law of similitude at the whole organism scale”. My proposal is to be accepted a second kind of similitude, at the cellular and molecular scale (level) , on the ground of the tremendous discoveries of the modern medical sciences. In a concrete way I propose that the law of similitude have two alternatives : a)at the whole organism or classical one and b) at the cellular and molecular scale or modern one. An objective analysis proves that the sizes of the concept “similitude at the cellular and molecular scale” equalizes that of “similitude at the whole organism”.The same is for the practical consequences. Therefore it appears to be legitimate to speak about the rediscovery of Homeopathy.

5. I bring a second original contribution to the modernization of Homeopathy,by the developpement of the fundamental concept of pathogenesy. It is well known that Hahnemann performed pathogenesies at the whole organism scale , the single modality possible at that time. Today we dispose of a tremendous number of scientific dossiers made for the licence of modern medicines,whose pharmacotoxicological components are excellent pathogenesies,which comprise number of exactly observations ,much of them in quantitative expressions, inclusive at cellular and molecular scale. In a concrete way I propose that beside of classical pathogenesies , at the whole organism scale , be accepted and the modern pathogenesies , at the cellular and molecular scale. Applying in practice these two concepts , I realized new , original homeopathic medicines , which demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of : -chronic hepatitis with B and C viruses ,(anticytolytic effect similar of Interferon) ; -hyperlipemia and hypercholesterolemia (effects similar to statines) ; -cataract subcapsular (single medicine sublingual effective and existent till now).

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