Prof.univ.dr.DUMITRU DOBRESCU, M.D., Pharm.B.


The discovery of Homeopathy by Hahnemann, in the second half of the 18th century, was one of the most striking moments of development of medicine. I’ll explain why.
When dysfunctions appear under the influence of harmful factors our body reacts by mechanisms capable to return to equilibrium. And so the healing of any disorder, without exception, is the exclusive result of these mechanisms of regulation and repair, being a natural process, influenced by the intrinsic properties of the human body.
The drugs used to treat different disorders act by the harmonization of the physiological functions to these drugs and so help the first to exceed the excessive disorders and to come back to normal when they are troubled.
Theoretically, there are four therapeutic methods using substances and which differ in accordance with their ground principle.
a.Enanthiopathy, principle of contraries, “Contraria contrariis curentur”.
b.Allopathy, principle of derivation,”Aliena alienis curentur”.
c.Homeopathy, principle of similitude,”Similia similibus curentur”.
d.Isopathy,principle of identity,”Aequalia aequalibus curentur”.
Practically these four methods are reduced to only two:Allopathy, including Enanthiopathy and Homeopathy,including Isopathy.It is important to underline that among all these four methods only Homeopathy acts identically with the physiological mechanisms.
Both Allopathy and Homeopathy use drugs, therefore they are pharmacotherapic methods. Their difference lies not only on their basic principles but also on the doses they use: ponderal for Allopathy and infinitesimal for Homeopathy.
In fact Allopathy was never discovered because empirically time the beginning of his existence the human used natural products, especially vegetal, to treat himself.
On the other hand Homeopathy had one known date of birth because was discovered as a reaction to the drawbacks and insufficiencies of Allopathy in that times. Unfortunately even though Homeopathy was an extraordinary discovery, it has to follow the boundaries of knowledges of that time. It was accepted that Hahnemann discovered a new therapeutic method, applied with the means of 18-th century and it remains as much until the beginning of 21 century. This happens because this method doesn’t need any of the discoveries of the modern medicine. In fact my opinion is that Hahnemann discovered also a new type of drug. And this is of a greater importance because without the homeopathic drug the method can’t exist. With this discovery Hahnemann putted the bases of Homeopathic Pharmacology. Or it is known that Pharmacology is a border science, interdisciplinary. Unfortunately the homeopathic drug changed very little, only of pharmaceutical viewpoint and under the influence of pharmaceutical technique used in Allopathy.

In my article “Redefining Homeopathy” I showed that Hahnemann conceived Homeopathy for his epoch, in correlation with what was possible in the medicine little developed at that time. Nobody could anticipate how will evolve the medicine in future centuries.
Owing to the nature and the force of things the homeopathic treatment is, many times, followed by favorable results. That is why all homeopaths continued to apply the same rules and nobody felled the need to think to the assimilation of the achievements of modern medicine. After two centuries of practice of Homeopathy there are many people who find that there is no progress and ask them if it is possible to modernize Homeopathy and in what way.


In my opinion Hahnemann’s discoveries are much more important than ever believe. But this thing is conditioned. Being a pharmacologist and a practitioner, using both Allopathy and Homeopathy,I consider that it is high time to remove the stagnation of the Homeopathy and to modernize it. This means the assimilation of achievements of modern medicine, which is possible in one single way, changing the approaching manner and placing the homeopathic drug in the center of concern. In this way it is necessary to underline that Hahnemann discovered also the possibility to use the drug not only as instrument of treatment but also as instrument of research, comparable with one chemical lancet, which permit the exploration at cellular and molecular level. The symptoms produced by drugs and observed at whole organism level are due to alterations at cellular and molecular level. In fact, these symptoms put in evidence the place and the mechanism of action of drugs.
In the same way any biologic, physiologic or pathologic phenomenon begins at cellular and molecular level and afterwards it reflects at level of tissue, organ, whole organism. All alterations, due to the sickness or produced by drugs can be known with actual techniques of investigation. The introduction of this manner of thinking in Homeopathy will increase its scientific character, will expand its sizes and will create attractive expectations.
In this way, which allows an interdisciplinary approach, Homeopathy will be positioned as a border science, able to bring important discoveries.
The rediscovery of Homeopathy has two aspects:
It’s a requirement to accept that Homeopathy is synonymous with Homeopathic Pharmacology, is the science of homeopathic drug. Thus it is more than a therapeutic method.
I explained this conception in another publication with the same title. I highlight those sayings with the mention that any therapy requires two main phases: diagnostic and treatment. In Homeopathy, unlike in Allopathy, these two phases are strictly dependent on drug (diagnosis, using toxicological properties; treatment, using pharmacotherapeutic properties).
Knowing this truth it seems incomprehensible that the homeopathic drug was left in an unobserved situation.

I propose to be accepted a second variant of the law of similitude, at cellular and molecular level, which will complete the classic law, at whole organism level.
Hahnemann conceived the fundamental law of Homeopathy, law of similitude, on the ground of observations at the whole organism level. This was the single modality, which could be the object of attention in those times, in concordance with the medical knowledge.
Although this truth was ignored since over 200 years because nobody observed, I signal now, at the beginning of the 21 –the century, that the symptoms described by Hahnemann,at the whole organism level, reflect the phenomenon produced at cellular and molecular level. Therefore, it is logic that the law of similitude has a correspondent at cellular and molecular level. In fact, this is the essence of Homeopathy, the origin of the phenomenon of similitude.
For the support of the objective character of the law of similitude I underline that this, completed with the law of infinitesimal doses have as ground the phenomenon of hormesis.It is the expression of a natural law, which reveal that any substance has at least two actions, phased, distinct, antagonistic. The two fundamental laws of Homeopathy are the expression in therapeutics of the hormesis phenomenon. Knowing this reality it raises the question, if Nature, by the laws, which govern it, contains between its component parts the hormesis phenomenon, which can be useful for the treatment of sicknesses, why we don’t use it?
c.One problem in correlation with the law of similitude at the cellular and molecular level is to accept the pathogenesis at cellular and molecular level.
For this kind of pathogenesis there already exist in the literature one immense informative material. These are the toxicological dossiers of allopathic drugs. These dossiers are elaborated for the license of drugs for the introduction in therapy. From many points of view they are comparable with the homeopathic proving.
Personally, using this kind of information and applying the two fundamental laws of Homeopathy I obtained very good results in the treatment of chronic hepatitis with virus B and C, in hypercholesterolemia-dylipidemia, in cataract.


1.At the end of 18-the century Hahnemann discovered the law of similitude on the base of toxicological observations at the whole organism level. These observations, adequate to the situation of medicine at the time were only possible with the means of the epoch.
2.The law of similitude as such can serve to the revelation of therapeutic indications but has only a limited value for therapy.
3.Hahnemann completed the law of similitude with the law of infinitesimal doses. The general agreement until our time is that Hahnemann discovered a new “therapeutic method.
4.At the beginning of 21-the century, being pharmacologist and practitioner, allopath and homeopath, I reanalyzed the discovery of Hahnemann in the light of progresses of modern medicine and of concepts of science of drug, Pharmacology. The results were the highlighting of same aspects with maximum importance, which can represent one rediscovery of Homeopathy and its entrance between the medical sciences of 21 century.
5.In my opinion, with the two laws Hahnemann discovered one new type of drug, the homeopathic drug and putted the bases of Homeopathy, which is Homeopathic Pharmacology, science of homeopathic drug.
6.If Homeopathy is Homeopathic Pharmacology in its center must be the homeopathic drug. This awards to Homeopathy the place as border science, interdisciplinary. In this frame the drug is not only one instrument of therapy but also one of research of physiological and pathological mechanisms, at cellular and molecular level.
7.The symptoms, observed by Hahnemann at the whole organism level are the reflexion of same initial, intimate modifications at cellular and molecular level. Therefore the classic law of similitude require be completed with the law of similitude at cellular and molecular level.
8.The classic pathogenesy, at the whole organism level, the fundamental document of Homeopathy, must be developed at cellular and molecular level.

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